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Performance Travel & Tours International



Unit 101B, Tower 1 Bayview Int’l Towers 

Roxas  Boulevard, Tambo, Parañaque City

Metro Manila, Philippines, 1700


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Telephone Nos.: (63-2)8557142/7144/7146/7150  
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DOT (Department of Tourism)/PTAA (Philippine Travel Agencies Association)







Edward Chan2






Benny Chen4



General Manager



Ms Daphny Chen2



Assistant Gen. Manager



Eric Wu2                             


Director of Sales      








Performance Travel & Tours International head office is located at Bayview International Towers, Parañaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Totally renowned by the Philippine Department of Tourism as a fully operational travel agency, since first to this day, handling vast group travelers and charter flights solely in mind to promote and introduce the Philippine Island as a worldwide prime destinations.

Performance Travel & Tours International, was established  in August 2000, specializes in arranging and conducting domestic & international tours for foreign and local tourists;  With offices in the Philippines, Taipei and Kaohsiung, (Taiwan) and Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen (China) Offices. Openly, true professionalism, pure dedication, passion to serve, endless effort to the entire staff and management team in providing quality, effective and personalized service approach to prevail to these present days. As a standard business, Our Company still encouraging incoming tourist as a core business, breed charter flight from Taiwan & China.

Briefly, the company caters various travel services, such as: Hotel reservation, Air Ticketing, Cruises and tours, Transportation/Vehicle, VIP services and documentations’ business to name a few. Organized Package tours, provides tourist guides, escorts, tourist vehicles, hotel reservations, Domestic & International Tickets among others. Well trained-professionals arranging the trips, yearly known as one of the star hotels and resorts top producers and outstanding travel agent receiving recognitions, awards and other incentives promoting tourism in the Philippines. More than a decade, Performance Travel & Tours International has grown steadily, and contributing mark in the tourism industry. Aside from the regular tour groups and charter flight groups, we have organized and assisted many foreign Government delegates and officials (VIP), various private sectors, businessman, and companies’ venture of different countries to achieve target mission/ undertakings.

With site certified corporate office both in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen (China) & Taipei and Kaohsiung (Taiwan), with constant charter flights, and non-stop promotion of the Philippines as the key destination for years. Performance Travel & Tours International was able to preserve harmonious relationship with friends and business associates, major airlines, various government agencies. Thus, stronger and long-term established mutual goodwill affiliation between countries and to other business as well.

Initiate working with major domestic charter companies like Guangzhou to Cebu commence summer charter,  Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hunan, Hangzhou, major travel agencies in Nanjing, Qingdao and several other principal cities with active, continual and close collaboration, either personal or group, having travel packages that has been consistent and confident on the charter flight line of service.

Over the years, additional regular charter routes to Cebu & Boracay and other destinations have reached close to thousands of people coming in a month scale. Company has numerous professional tour guides with English & Mandarin speaking language, conjunction with the Department of Tourism license and with training component. We are apt and equipped to provide excellent service plus travel insurance to protect and ensure a safer and comfortable travel as full satisfaction and relation to be enjoyed.

Performance Travel & Tours International prioritizes and believes the height of personalized service, especially in our industry of great importance. Above all, tours approach focus on the needs/satisfactions of the clients, keeping their best interests that what is in their mind should be fulfilled. Provides high quality services, meet up and attain expected purpose and unforgettable vibrant memories that will endure in their hearts and minds.

To become the top ground operator among travel industry with non-stop alliance for both local & international affiliation. Provide the best possible outcome of product and services (efficient-effective),  with the utmost quality and significant commitment toward social and environmental responsibility.

“Building Memoirs Through Travel”

Travel is not only about airplanes, car rentals, hotels, cruises, tour packages and others. Travel is all about the memories that will mingle with you. Explore experiences on  new exciting destination, comes with familiarization and getting along well with new people and later become friends, making the most of their travel investment, keeping travelers safe and desires with full contentment plus exceeding their expectations on what travel is all about.

Our clients, associates and community deserves honesty in all aspects of our trade, and their needs are our main concern. Our commitments promised were fulfilled. We are at best when working together to produce excellent outcome. We create bonds that stretch across departments, organizations and countries that are miles apart. We give importance to actions and we say this with warmth, humor and a great deal of thought. So people, either individual or group, get pleasure and gratification working with us!

We glance beyond the horizon to foresee changes. We push the boundaries of what we do and h0w we do it. We embrace the new and use it wisely. With fully talented group of people, good products, open minds and clients with complex and unique challenges; we just cannot help ourselves but to embrace them with high spirit and true dedication.

Business or leisure travel is not just about technology and systems. It is what we do for them that matters most. We put our customers first –whether we are talking about colleague’s clients or associates. Simply put, love and care to serve you better and a phrase of “CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT” because we value clients.


We aim to exceed our financial goal and achievements over the expectations of our clients, colleagues and shareholders. We build our human resources by giving opportunity to our own people, and bring aboard new skilled individual to enhance and expand our existing tough bottom. We are committed to growing global footprint together with our customers.



The Accounting Department specializes in accounting and tax services for the company.

Functions of an accounting department include receipt of money, paying bills, payroll, recording and tracking assets and inventory, and financial reporting.



Beth4Accounting Manager

Beth S. Mojico                                         




Maricel2Accounting Officer                   

Maricel M. Miciano               




Ana Mhey2Accounting Staff

Ana Mhey G. Noveno                                   







Julius “Jojo” M. Alfaraz

Messenger / Liaison Staff











Benidict F. Borlongan

Messenger / Liaison Staff

Inbound group2



INBOUND team handles travel arrangements for Inbound Tourism,do costings and compile itineraries for FITs & Groups.

We contract hundreds of land products and services across the Philippines, all individually sourced and negotiated by our Inbound team.


Our INBOUND  services includes:

  • hotel bookings
  • land transfers (including car & coach rentals)
  • packaged tours
  • sightseeing
  • multi-lingual tour guides
  • transport services
  • study tours
  • congress and conventions
  • pilgrimage
  • educational tours
  • and much more



Henry2Henry L. Lim

Operations Manager (Inbound)



Aileen2Aileen A. Cada 

Assitant Operations Manager (Inbound)



Mildred2Mildred P. Ty

Reservation Officer (Inbound)



Hazel2Hazel Anne E. Lacsamana

Reservation Officer (Inbound – Boracay)



Christine Hazel F. Cortez

Reservation Staff (Inbound)

Inbound group2



OUTBOUND team handles travel arrangements for Outbound Tourism, do costings and compile itineraries for FITs & Groups.

We contract hundreds of land products and services outside the Philippines, all individually sourced and negotiated by our Outbound team.


Our Outbound team provides a comprehensive international travel service to corporate, institutional and individual clients located in the Philippines. This travel service includes:

  • corporate travel management
  • itinerary planning
  • visa and documentation services
  • incentive travel planning
  • international hotel bookings
  • international tours
  • travel insurance
  • other ground arrangements worldwide



Henry2Henry L. Lim

Operations Manager (Inbound)



Aileen2Aileen A. Cada 

Assitant Operations Manager (Inbound)



Mildred2Mildred P. Ty

Reservation Officer (Inbound)



Hazel2Hazel Anne E. Lacsamana

Reservation Staff (Inbound)



Christine Hazel F. Cortez

Reservation Staff (Inbound)








Lalaine Panagsagan

Supervisor Boracay Office Staff




Our Ticketing Department is manned with experienced sales coordinators and travel advisors assisted by on-line computers linked to the Amadeus reservation system to  enable them to provide the maximum for our clients on the following services:

- Domestic and international airline sales and reservations

- Guaranteed lowest airfare at the time of purchase; taking into consideration the elements that control the fare construction on every flight and/or route. i.e. class of travel , minimum stay, etc.

- Detailed destination information; general destination information will be provided upon request.



 Lyra2Lyra D. Abuel

Reservation & Ticketing Manager




Jie2Jhie P. Delgado

Reservation & Ticketing Officer